Pro-Life Movement Awaits Governor’s Decision

As we go to press with the story, the whole pro-Life movement is holding its breath, waiting to see if the Governor of South Dakota will launch the first serious salvo at Roe v. Wade in over 30 years. The South Dakota Senate gave final approval to a measure that would outlaw all abortions in that state – except in cases where a doctor certifies that it is necessary to save the life of the baby’s mother. It passed 23 to 12.

It is similar to legislation once passed by the Idaho Legislature, back in 1990. HB625 was eventually vetoed by the Democrat Governor, Cecil Andrus on the grounds that it was unconstitutional under the Roe v. Wade fiat of the Supreme Court.

The legislation is also similar to a bill passed last year by this same body, but which Governor Rounds vetoed after intense lobbying by National Right to Life.

To be honest, there is serious debate within the pro-Life movement about the wisdom of a direct assault on Roe at this time. Critics of the South Dakota strategy correctly point out that there are probably not five votes yet on the court to overturn Roe. Even more interesting is the impact South Dakota’s move will have on President Bush’s next appointment to the Supreme Court –which could easily come this year.

I readily acknowledge that those are valid and important considerations.,/p>

But we must also recognize the fact that we have made precious little progress in ending the wholesale destruction of God’s little ones for more than a generation. We need to up the pressure on our court system. Let us hope the Governor signs this law.

Depending on what happens between now and the time the case actually reaches the high court, the South Dakota strategy may not work. It may take other states adding their voice of outrage to confront a judicial system still bent on the destruction of the next generation. But it is well past time to get serious.


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