Communists Advocate Separation of Church & State

For most of the past generation, we have heard the mantra of “separation of church and state”. It is such a common phrase that one could be excused for assuming the language was part of our historical heritage – words from the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution itself. But of course they do not appear in those hallowed documents.

No, they are words carefully crafted by America’s Left to intimidate, confuse and clear the field of problematic moral principles.

I was struck by that thought after reading a news report out of Hong Kong. The Pope has just honored Bishop Joseph Zen by naming him a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. Apparently this man has been a thorn in the side of the communist Chinese government for some time now. They issued a statement in response to his promotion, warning the new Cardinal not to mix religion with politics.

“We advocate that religious figures should not interfere with politics,” said a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry.

Sound familiar?

I bring this story to your attention because it throws a unique light on the history and roots of this attack on Christian influence in public policy debates. At least in western societies, that attack is a rather recent phenomenon. The fact is, Christianity has had a fundamental influence on the whole development of human rights, democracy and limited government. Our history is dominated by Christian leadership, inspired by the Bible to protect the dignity of the individual.

It is a heritage we must fight to defend.

Meanwhile, the new Cardinal responded to the Chinese government by saying that he is too old, at 70, to change and will continue to advocate for democratic reform and religious freedom. We pray the Lord’s blessing and protection on him.


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