March of Dimes Seeks Congressional Largesse

The Elliot Institute, headed by Dr. David Reardon, has just issued a report critical of the March of Dimes. That once noble organization is pressing members of Congress to finance something they call “The Preemie Act”. It would expand federal funding of research, education and health services in an effort to reduce premature births.

The March of Dimes itself reports that the number of preterm births has risen by some 27% over the past twenty five years – but continues to posture behind an official expression of puzzlement. Dr. Nancy Green, Medical Director for the March of Dimes, calls the increase “a mystery”.

But there is not much mystery here at all – except that the March of Dimes continues to hold credibility with anyone interested in actually solving this very serious problem.

One must believe that an organization supposedly dedicated to improving the lives and health of preborn children would be well aware of the mountainous volume of research showing that abortion is a primary cause of premature delivery in subsequent pregnancies.

In fact, there are at least 48 such studies already in print. Brent Rooney, Director of the Coalition to Reduce Preterm Risk has reported that the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology has alone published 4 articles in the past 7 years showing that an abortion history substantially raises the risk of a future premature baby.

But what is more, premature births have been conclusively linked to things like cerebral palsy and mental retardation.

You might think the March of Dimes would be pretty worried about that; but it is hard to conclude anything but that these folks are primarily concerned with funding themselves.


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