Feinstein Seeks to Block Randy Smith

We have often talked about the profound challenges posed to Idaho’s pro-Life Movement because of the oppressive politics practiced by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This structural problem undermines Idaho’s self-governance. Our problems are compounded, of course, by the presence of a dominating liberal Democrat on our own district court bench.

Our situation is exacerbated by the fact that liberals in the Senate have blocked the nomination of William Meyers; he would be the only Idaho judge on the panel. In other words, we now have not a single person on the circuit court. California has 14, and is about to get 2 more.

That will help you appreciate the outrageousness of a move by California Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer to block President Bush’s nomination of a second Idahoan to the 9th Circuit. They claim it would be “unfair” for Idaho to get another judge on the panel; they are demanding that Bush nominate instead another Californian.

The dispute centers on Bush’s nomination of Idaho’s state District Judge Randy Smith; this respected jurist now serves the Pocatello area.

Senators Crapo and Craig have vowed to battle the California Democrats, arguing that the great number of California judges on the 9th Circuit gives that state about a 90% chance of having at least one Californian on any case in front of the appeals court.

What’s really at stake here, of course, is the absolute stranglehold these two liberal senators have on the fate of the West. And the heart of their agenda is defending abortion rights.


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