U.N. Report Exposes Lie of “Back Alley Abortions”

LifeNews.Com made a startling report this week about a U.N. report on abortion. It is a news bit which may help right the great wrong of legalized abortion.

The United Nations Population Division – a hotbed for abortion politics – has released a study of the impact legalized abortion has on maternal deaths. In short, nations with legalized abortion have not produced lower mortality rates than those nations which have held the line on legalizing abortion.

The data is part of a larger report called “World Mortality Report: 2005”. It is the first report of its kind, and details infant and maternal deaths for each country.

In the United States for example, there are about 17 maternal deaths for each 100,000 live births. But the rate is actually lower in Ireland and Poland, for example, which have remained hostile to legalized abortion.

And the point of this data?

Let’s remember one of the primary selling-points of the Abortion Lobby: Criminalizing abortion drives women to commit abortions on themselves, or to seek “back-alley abortions” which are lethal to women. Back in the ‘60s, groups like NARAL claimed 5000 women died each year because abortion was illegal. We know from the testimony of an insider, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, that those numbers were just made up.

Now we have hard numbers to prove Nathanson’s claim. After all, if the theories of the abortion crowd were true – we would expect to see much higher rates of maternal death in nations without legalized abortion.

As the debate over Roe v. Wade intensifies, as new court cases come before a more conservative Supreme Court – you can bet big money that Planned Parenthood and the rest of the Abortion Lobby will hold up coat hangers and peddle fear. This U.N. report gives us data to carry the day; in fact, it may even help persuade the Supreme Court that its blind belief that abortion is necessary to protect women’s health is just plain wrong.


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