Clinton Hung by Her Own Crocheted Noose

I ran across a news story laced with dark humor to share today.

Sen. Rick Santorum, one of the mighty men of the U.S. Senate, recently told the story of his floor battle with Senator Hillary Clinton over the Ban on Partial Birth Abortions.

Santorum used visual aids, including posters on the floor to describe in some detail what is involved with the killing of a child during the very process of birth. Clinton objected, claiming the pictures were somehow inaccurate. As a ploy to relieve tension in the chamber, and to help distract the media – Clinton asked Santorum why he was not showing photos of the deformed and disabled babies. These “hard cases”, Clinton challenged, were the vast majority of cases where the Partial Birth Abortion procedure was used.

Santorum, who is clearly pretty quick on his feet, said that he would be happy to use such photos. But it wouldn’t make any difference to him, Santorum said, because there is no difference between a “perfect” baby and one with disabilities. Pro-Life champions do not see a difference between people simply because of their health problems or age.

Clinton clearly felt her self-crocheted noose tightening: She said that she respected the right of women to abort babies with disabilities – but at the same time, she claimed, “I want the record to be clear that I value every single person.”

Santorum responded, “I will let the record speak for itself.”

Indeed. The record of liberals speaks volumes. Those who claim to be friends of the disabled lead a movement to kill thousands of them in the womb. Those who claim to champion minority rights also lead a death machine that kills most black babies in the womb.

But most of all, the Clinton record shows a person willing to value some of the people some of the time. It just depends on the politics.


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