Some GOP’ers Backtrack on Terri Schiavo

Here’s a disturbing story from Florida. In a news show this last weekend, the Sun Sentinel reports that Republican Mel Martinez declared that he had made a mistake when he pressed to save Terri Schiavo’s life. He was just elected to the U.S. Senate as a pro-Life Republican, but now he thinks that intervening to save Terri from a death-by-starvation was wrong. It should have remained a state court matter, he says, and the federal courts really shouldn’t have been brought into it.

Terri died a year ago next March.

Now Martinez has a rather sordid history in the matter. Internal staff memos were made public as the case hung in the courts in which staff memos described Terri’s case “as a great political issue”.

Martinez’ repentance comes just two weeks after Majority Leader Bill Frist publicly declared that he, too, was wrong to intervene to help Terri. He has been looking at polling data, I guess, which raises concerns for him.

It is clear that both men are having trouble finding the moral center. Both seem to view the protection of human life as a matter of political convenience. Which tells us quite a bit about why things are moving so slowly on questions like preventing the transport of girls across state lines to outwit state parental consent laws. Or why funding for Planned Parenthood keeps escalating.

This is not the first hint that Frist is having trouble grasping fundamental pro-Life principles. He has also gone soft on the question of providing federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

It is clear our national leaders need greater prayer.


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