South Dakota House Votes to Ban Abortion

The South Dakota House of Representatives overwhelmingly gave approval last week to a bill that would ban nearly all abortions in that state. The vote was 47 for, 22 against House Bill 1215.

Sponsors of the legislation, led by State Representative Roger Hunt, hope the legislation is a viable strategy for challenging Roe v. Wade. Hunt answered critics by saying that the time was right to challenge Roe. “It is important, I believe, at this time in our history, to protect the lives of the unborn,” Hunt said during debate.

Numerous attempts were made to amend the bill, including language to provide exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother. Those amendments were rejected.

Hunt also had to deal with several arguments about the costs and wisdom of challenging Roe. He was able to announce that a private citizen had committed $1 million to pay for the cost of litigation. And for those critics, some in the “pro-Life” community, who argue that the timing of such an action is unwise – Hunt pointed to the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito and the suspected resignation of several pro-abort justices in coming months.

More importantly, the question before the pro-Life community is this: When will be the time to prepare a direct assault on Roe?

The South Dakota legislation provides for criminal prosecution of any abortionist who performs an abortion in the state. Those who do can be sentenced to prison for up to five years. The only exception is performing an abortion to save a mother’s life.

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