Planned Parenthood’s Agenda for Our Kids

Last week we talked with you about the expansion of Planned Parenthood into Nampa. They are building a bridgehead into this community right across the street from the Nampa High School.

Most of our listeners don’t have Planned Parenthood operations in their communities. (Praise the Lord for that.) Perhaps you have only a vague idea as to how noxious an organism this is.

Our friends at the American Life League have issued a report on various Planned Parenthood activities around the nation.

In Massachusetts, Planned Parenthood is pushing a bill in that legislature which would mandate, as in force, every public school child to participate in a “Comprehensive Health Education Program”. The bill requires students take classes on such topics as abortion, sexuality, birth control and sexual identity. Proposed curriculum dictates that children as young as five must be able to identify various components and functions of the reproductive system; and “define sexual orientation using correct terminology”.

Or consider the weekly gatherings sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Once a week, they invite kids, 14 to 21, to meetings of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and “allied” youth for education and socializing.

In case you didn’t catch all that – this program is designed to enculturate kids into the world of sexual deviancy. That is a core part of Planned Parenthood’s agenda for our kids, for our society. In a healthy society, this organization would be recognized as an obvious threat to the community, a harbor for young men to prey upon the immature and fragile. But in modern America, we have government leaders actually forcing taxpayers to support such an assault on the innocence of our children.


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