Bush Builds Legacy in Lives Spared

We talked yesterday about the victory handed Planned Parenthood by the socialist government of Great Britain. They did it as something of an answer to President Bush’s refusal to use American tax money to finance abortions in foreign countries. England’s action is undoubtedly evil – but it also highlights one of numerous things for which George Bush is to be commended.

Just this year, the President used the State of the Union address to challenge Congress and the nation on the matter of human cloning. As numerous states sell themselves to repeat the tragic mistakes of the South Korean government – the President declared that Congress ought to meet the dire abuse of science and medial research. Congress should enact a national ban on cloning – including the creation of embryos just so their stem cells can be harvested.

The President’s use of his bully pulpit to educate and lead is probably his single greatest contribution to the pro-Life movement.

But this is not the only work for which he should be heralded.

Concerned Women of America has compiled a list of the President’s contributions. Our U.N. delegation has led the world in providing pro-Life leadership. He has preached and supported abstinence education; and in 2001, the President instituted a federal ban on funding for stem cell research. He signed a Ban on Partial Birth Abortions, and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Bush also issued an Executive Order allowing preborn children to participate in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which has yet to benefit Idaho’s babies and mothers because of sorry political leadership at the Statehouse.

And then there is the overriding matter of his appointments to the federal bench.

But the President is building a legacy which is ultimately not to be measured in laws or speeches, but in lives spared.


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