Britain Comes to Rescue Planned Parenthood

The socialists who run the once Great Britain have determined that they must use tax money to spread the gospel of death to the world.

Naturally, the folks at Planned Parenthood are elated.

”It is a big boost for us, politically and philosophically, that a sovereign government is prepared to stand up and say, ‘We support what the International Planned Parenthood Federation is trying to do to expand the availability of safe and legal abortions around the world,” said Planned Parenthood director Steven Sinding.

This is a striking comment. While the initial funding from England is only $5.3 million, it is noteworthy that Planned Parenthood is not primarily grateful for the money – but for the legitimacy this sordid action lends to the world’s largest death machine. From the beginning, this organization has been about establishing a new social and moral order; the endorsement by Europe’s only sane government must certainly be counted as a major coup for the abortion crowd.

They must be particularly elated at the direct challenge England is throwing down to America under President Bush’s leadership. Immediately after taking office, Bush announced that he was reinstating the Mexico City Policy – which prohibits use of American tax dollars to support abortions abroad.

To make matters worse – England’s Department for International Development went on to say that it will begin lobbying other governments, like Canada and Australia to follow suit.


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