Planned Parenthood Expands Into Nampa

Planned Parenthood of Idaho has struck again, expanding its territory of prey. This past Saturday, Planned Parenthood opened a new satellite office in Nampa, right across the street from the Nampa High School.

The location alone tells us everything about who Planned Parenthood is hunting: young people who can be easily seduced into taking action on the “easy sex” message of the organization. These kids then become customers for the many services Planned Parenthood now offers Idaho youth – including abortions at the new Boise offices of Planned Parenthood.

They were greeted by about a hundred pro-Lifers as they opened their doors for sordid business on Saturday. Folks are at work to make sure that they are greeted again on Saturday, March 4th – when Planned Parenthood again holds their offering.

This new operation is part of an aggressive marketing strategy by Planned Parenthood of Idaho to build market share. They call it “Planned Parenthood Without Walls”. Basically they are looking to establish a foothold in new communities by renting office space at existing doctors’ offices. The first to work is now in Nampa. And the families and children of this conservative community will pay a steep price.

But in this case, Planned Parenthood had a good deal of help. They opened this so-called “clinic” with a grant they received from a group of Boise “do-gooders” called the “Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation”. This is a group of wealthy women who feel called upon to finance groups like Planned Parenthood. Among the more prominent are Cathy Silak, of Supreme Court fame and Velma Morrison, Alice Hennessey, Debra Guth and Diane Myklegard.

Perhaps we should send them a thank you note.


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