Pro-Aborts Getting a Bit Cranky

Many of us have sensed that things are looking up in the struggle to defend preborn children. Polling numbers indicate stronger convictions about babies in the womb. At least nationally, abortion numbers are on the decline. And, as we said in previous reports to you – data is emerging which shows more women are choosing to give life to their babies, even in situations in where the pregnancy was not planned.

And, then of course, there is the Alito confirmation.

But perhaps the most compelling evidence of pro-Life momentum comes from the Abortion Lobby. They are clearly getting a bit cranky, even militant.

Take the statements coming from Illinois. The National Organization for Women in that state is pushing a “Freedom of Choice Act” in the General Assembly. The act would ensure that abortion remains legal in Illinois, even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

“We’ve all kind of rested a bit because we were dependent on the courts,” said Bonnie Grabenhofer in an interview with the Illinois Journal Register. “The federal courts have been keeping some of the restrictions in tow. But now we’re scared.”

And the NOW chapter has also issued threats to its Democrat pals in the state: They made it publicly clear that they are going to be reconsidering endorsements of politicians if they balk at defending abortion rights in Illinois.

What this all means for us is that we need to recognize opportunity knocking. The enemies of preborn children realize this. They are busy organizing at the state level in preparation for what was once unthinkable: the repeal of federal protection for abortion-on-demand.

May the Lord prepare our hearts for the battle.


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