Alito’s Confirmation

Now that Judge Alito has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate, it becomes more rational to talk about the end of Roe v. Wade. Of course, we will not know how Samuel Alito will comport himself on the highest court. There are some in the pro-Life community who believe he is destined to be a disappointment. They point to his rulings as an appellate judge, in which he seemingly supported Roe. But what those critics fail to acknowledge is the fact that judges are under oath to uphold the findings of superior courts.

Still – we will not know until the moment comes.

But let’s assume that he votes pro-Life. That would seemingly give us four solid pro-Life votes on the Court. Justice Kennedy becomes a pivotal vote on crucial cases. As we’ve mentioned before, he has traditionally not been with us. It would seem that the President needs another vote on the Court.

We are not the only ones beginning to contemplate the end of abortion-as-constitutional-right. A recent news story indicates that some in the Abortion Lobby believe that “Roe will be dismantled” – at least in the short term. Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL, predicts that Alito will help pull the Court to the right.

John Green a senior research fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Policy predicts that the next ten years could bring a series of changes to abortion law. Thus, our work these next few years in the Idaho Legislature could prove of great importance to the well-being of America’s families.

We ask for your prayers.


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