Sleep Disorders Plague Post-Abortive Women

Yet another story about the consequences of abortion. A new study published in the medical journal, Sleep, the official journal of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, found that post abortive women have greater trouble with healthy sleep than those women who allow their babies to live.

Post abortive women are more likely to be treated for sleep disorders than women who do not carry the burden of an abortion history – those are the findings of a very intense study conducted by Drs. David Reardon and Priscilla Coleman. Coleman is a professor at the University of Bowling Green.

The two researchers studied the actual medical records of some 56,000 women from California who gave birth or committed abortion in the first six months of 1986. After building this pool of women, Coleman and Reardon followed their medical history through 1994.

They found that up to four years after an abortion – post-abortive women were more likely to suffer sleep disorders, similar to people who suffer serious trauma. The problem was most intense in the first six months following an abortion. And these are not minor disorders – but ones in which the problem was sufficiently acute that the women actually sought medical treatment.

At first blush this may not seem like such a big deal. And certainly it is not as serious as the death of the baby, or even the long list of serious health risks associated with abortion – like breast cancer or increased risk of later preterm births.

But good sleep is essential to good health. More to the point: widespread sleep disorders are a powerful indicator of the spiritual and emotional damage done to the mother. Like our mothers used to tell us – a guilty conscience does not make for peaceful sleep.


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