Indiana Bill Challenges Assumption of Roe

A House committee in the Indiana Legislature just approved a bill that would declare human life begins at conception. That single legislative finding, if it becomes law, poses a simple and direct challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Roe v. Wade opinion made the point, on the way to legalizing abortion, that if these little creatures in a mother’s womb were human beings – then clearly they would be protected by the U.S. Constitution.

These same bunch of folks went on to protest that settling the issue of when life begins was simply beyond their wisdom.

I have long been annoyed by this feigned modesty. The Supreme Court had no qualms about its wisdom in sentencing millions to death – overturning centuries of protection for preborn children – but it couldn’t figure out where babies come from. How convenient for them.

The Court’s disingenuous modesty is like an enticing invitation for the Congress and state legislatures. For over thirty years, our legislative bodies have failed to respond to the question of when life begins. After all, state legislatures have codified the definition of death – so it makes sense that legislatures can consider scientific testimony to issue official findings on the beginning of life.

The Abortion Lobby is howling madly back in Indiana. They claim that the legislation defining life – and requiring that women be told about that finding before they commit abortion – is a violation of church/state separation. They claim there is nothing but theological whimsy for declaring that human life begins at conception.

While the Bible certainly supports that claim – we need only look to the compelling story of human experience and the scientific evidence.

We’ll watch developments in this crucial state.


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