AUL Sues Walgreens

You may have heard already about the action taken by Walgreens against four of its own pharmacists because they would not dispense the so-called “Morning After Pill”. These pro-Life pharmacists are aware of the scientific evidence which proves that this potent drug regimen can cause the destruction of a new human life.

Now you won’t hear that from your local Planned Parenthood propaganda agency; and probably not from your local media either. But the simple truth is that the “Morning After Pill” can cause abortions by preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in the womb. These folks regularly get away with denying the truth about emergency contraception because much of the medical profession has been politicized to the point that it is party to manipulating the very language. Under pressure from the Abortion Lobby, the definition of ‘pregnancy’ has been largely adjusted to include only life after he or she has implanted in the mother’s womb. From conception to that implantation – the new human being is in some kind of limbo.

But these pharmacists have retained their integrity. And for that - they have been fired.

Ann Polka, a spokeswoman with the Belleville Catholic Diocese in Illinois, is urging customers across the country to boycott Walgreen’s until it rectifies the situation. And Americans United for Life has just filed a law suit on behalf of the pharmacists.

AUL is alleging that the company violated the Illinois Rights of Conscience Act by trampling on the civil rights of these brave gentlemen.

I ask for your prayers on their behalf.


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