New Study Finds Great Progress for Pro-Life Movement

As Idaho’s legislative session begins to intensify, it is important for us to consider new research coming from the Heritage Foundation on the long term impact of pro-Life legislation enacted by the states over the past decade or so.

Professor Michael New of the University of Alabama has just published a detailed study of the impact of efforts like Parental Consent Laws and Informed Consent Laws on the rate of abortions. It is an encouraging report.

In 1992, there were no states with enforceable informed consent laws – laws which required that women and girls be given detailed information about the risks and alternatives to abortion. By the year 2000, 27 different states had laws in effect.

And in 1992, only 20 states were enforcing parental consent or parental notice laws; by 2000 32 states were using such legislation to protect girls from the deceptions and seduction of the Abortion Industry.

Those numbers alone testify to the progress the pro-Life movement is making in a majority of states. Despite a hostile judiciary, citizen legislators and activists continue to press for reasonable restrictions around abortion-on-demand. And we’re winning.

Professor New finds that these laws are leading the way toward reductions in the abortion rates of America. The most effective strategy is the elimination of tax-funding for abortions. Informed consent is the next most effective strategy.. If a woman in a crisis situation is able to find help, loving alternatives – she will choose life.

Overall, the number of abortions dropped by some 18% during the 1990s – in large part because of the state-by-state efforts to restrict Planned Parenthood’s easy manipulation of women and girls.


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