Symms Helps Deceive Voters

Things are heating up in Idaho’s 1st District Primary. Former state senator Sheila Sorensen has just announced the support of former U.S. Senator Steve Symms. For those of us familiar with Sheila’s long record as a legislator – this was something of a surprise.

Steve Symms is remembered as the guy who won an upset victory over liberal Democrat Frank Church in 1980. To the best of my knowledge, Symms voted along pro-Life lines while in Congress.

So why did he come out for a liberal Republican? Why does he use his remaining credibility to help deceive voters into believing the pro-abortion Sheila Sorensen is a “conservative”?

To be honest, I don’t know.

Maybe he’s been in Washington, D.C. too long – now he’s a lobbyist for a slew of big money interests. But it is probable that Symms is misusing political labels. What, after all, is a “conservative”? Too many people, including Symms, seem confused. The definition is intentionally confused by many politicians in Idaho – because there are actually three kinds of Republicans in various offices. There are liberals who should actually be in the Democrat Party; there are Libertarians who like low taxes – but who support maximize personal freedom to the point of supporting abortion on demand, homosexual marriage and legalized drugs. And then there are traditional Republicans – those folks who want limited government, but one with a moral center. They support lower taxes and the right to life. They support traditional families and the vision of the Founding Fathers – who knew that self-government required a moral vision.

But even looking at this from Symms’ more Libertarian perspective – one has a hard time understanding his decision to support Sheila Sorensen, since she is neither a fiscal or social conservative. Maybe there are personal issues at play; maybe the motivation is financial – but Symms’ endorsement certainly makes no sense from any kind of principled perspective.


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