Pro-Aborts Demonstrate Weak Support at Capitol Rally

The Abortion Lobby worked hard to respond, for the first time in my memory, to the annual March for Life at the State Capitol this past weekend. Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Idaho Women’s Network decided they would muster their forces to show legislators and the media their political and social strength in Idaho.

It has been quite some time since they have done this sort of thing, and the first I can remember where they attempted to show public support for abortion around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

On Saturday afternoon, some 450-500 people braved the cold to stand in front of Idaho’s Capitol pleading for the lives of preborn children, pleading with legislators to use their power to save women and girls and preborn children from the scourge of abortion.

The next afternoon, Sunday, perhaps 60 or 70 defenders of abortion gathered on those same steps to demand that “family planning” expenditures by the government be increased. They demanded that pharmacists who object to dispensing abortion-causing drugs be fired from hospitals and drug stores. And they demanded that our children be taught about sex in our public schools, preferably by agents of Planned Parenthood. In no way should children be taught the “nonsense of abstinence”.

What the various speakers did not address is the growing body of evidence showing abortion to be harmful to women and girls. Planned Parenthood representatives did not tell the handful of supporters – or the media – that just 1.5% of all abortions performed against preborn children are done in cases of rape or incest. Nor were they confronted with the fact that abortion is legal in Idaho up until the moments after birth.

But then – truth telling is not characteristic of the Abortion Lobby.


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