San Francisco March for Life a Great Success

While pro-Lifers were marching this weekend in Boise and Coeur d’Alene, similar marches were being held in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Surprised? I am. I guess from my vantage point, all the news from these two burgs is bad. They lead the nation’s effort to turn its back on our religious, historical and moral foundations. But obviously God has a remnant.

I read with great interest of the San Francisco Walk for Life West Coast in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The paper reports that thousands marched from Justin Herman Plaza along the water front. Many of the marchers carried signs proclaiming the truth that “Women Deserve Better Than Abortion”. Another prominent message was simply, “Choose Life”.

They were met by hundreds of counter-protesters. Planned Parenthood fans lined the streets, taunting the pro-Lifers with coat hangers – symbolizing the great mythology of the thousands of women supposedly killed each year before Roe by “back alley” abortions. One young woman, about 8 months pregnant, had her exposed belly painted with the words, “My baby is pro-choice”.

Now there was a show-stopper for me. In this woman’s mind, apparently, her baby is conscious and able to think. So far so good. But in her world view, this innocent human being does not hold an instinct for life; he would gladly sacrifice himself so his mother could enjoy her life without the burdens and inconvenience of caring for him.

The scary part? I bet she really believes it. It occurs to me that our society is rapidly losing the ability to even think clearly.


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