Pro-Life Republican Leads Ohio Governor Race

There is a fascinating race for governor underway in Ohio – which has, I believe, implications for Idaho.

Ken Blackwell is a Republican candidate for governor. In fact, he is the leading candidate for governor. What makes this important a story for us is that he is a Republican in the tradition of Ronald Reagan – both a fiscal conservative and a social conservative. And, just like Reagan, he has a knack for speaking his mind.

A story I read in City Journal tells of a speech Blackwell gave to Ohio retailers. In a state where Republican legislators have become as enamored of big spending plans and tax increases as liberal Democrats, Ken Blackwell threatens the status quo in a big way. The Republican majority has increased spending in Ohio 20 percent faster than the growth of personal income in the last decade. After telling business leaders that he wants to impose budget and tax cuts if elected, he is confronted by a woman who tells him that she is all for the tax cuts, but doesn’t like his other ideas, especially his ideas about ending abortion.

Blackwell is reported to have told the woman, “I am not just an economic being. I have a wider set of beliefs that I follow. With me, you’ll always know what you are getting. You’ll always know where I stand.”

In addition to cutting taxes, Blackwell supports traditional marriage between a man and woman; school choice and the right to life.

Oddly enough, the Republican establishment in Ohio doesn’t support Blackwell; an especially unfortunate turn, since he is one of the nation’s only black conservative leaders. But he is battling them in a public way: Responding to the Country Club GOP criticism that he is simply too conservative to win in a 50/50 state like Ohio, Blackwell rightly claims, “People don’t want 50/50 leadership”.

That sentiment no doubt applies to the families of Idaho’s 1st CD as well.


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