Women Begin Turning Their Backs on Abortion

A quiet story appeared on MSNBC last month that is news worth celebrating. The National Center for Health Statistics conducts surveys on a number of health care questions. They just completed a major project, which involved interviews with some 7600 American women over a two year period. The questions involved abortion and several other questions related to sex and reproduction.

They found that more women are choosing to give their babies life, compared with a similar study in 1995. More specifically, more women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies are choosing not to commit abortion against their babies.

In 1995, for every 100 pregnancies, about 26 were ended by abortion. In the most recent study – that number was down to 24 per 100 pregnancies. That may not sound like a big deal – but it translates into thousands of children alive today. Federal researchers “suspect” that the data may mean attitudes are changing about abortion.

But Susan Wills of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops says there’s no big mystery here: “It shows a real pro-Life shift.” She thought that the increasing availability of ultrasounds may be having an impact.

I think that is true- but there is more to the equation. We are slowly winning this struggle because of the realities of abortion. With greater technology, it is becoming irrational to deny the humanity of preborn children. But the devastating effects of abortion are an open secret – regardless of the conspiracy within much of the medical and legal community. Women know others who suffer, who haven’t been able to have children, women who have contracted breast cancer. And then there is the steady work and love of the pro-Life movement. Pregnancy centers and Life Chains and work in the legislatures of this nation are helping to educate women and to provide viable alternatives to abortion.

And you are the folks who make those efforts possible through your time and generosity.


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