Hispanic Voters Not Well Served by Democrat Leaders

A recent national poll of Hispanic voters confirmed what many in the political community have long suspected: American Hispanics are strongly pro-Life and family-centered. John Zogby, one of the nation’s best pollsters, conducted a national study for the Latino Coalition.

He found that 57% of Hispanics interviewed described themselves as “pro-Life”, while just 27% claimed to be “pro-choice” on the question of killing children in the womb. Hispanics were specifically questioned on the matter of parental consent before a girl was able to get an abortion: again, 57% favored that kind of public policy – while 36% were opposed.

Many politicos believe that President Bush’s pro-Life politics helped him a great deal in the 2004 elections – where he secured a record high percentage of the Hispanic vote.

I am particularly interested in these numbers because of the growing strength of the Hispanic community in Idaho politics. Unfortunately for preborn children – of all races – these values are not yet clearly evident in Hispanic voting patterns. By all measures that I’ve seen, Idaho Hispanics are still voting in large numbers for Democrat candidates who don’t share their fundamental moral values. Much of this can be attributed, I believe, to the quality and politics of the Hispanic community’s leadership. In Idaho it is overwhelmingly Democrat.

I saw this first hand in the 2003 legislative session, when we pressed to get preborn children covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Our legislation would have provided for prenatal care for babies in the womb – regardless of race or their parents’ legal status. I asked for help from the Idaho Migrant Council – because Hispanic babies would be greatly cared for by the President’s program. Despite the obvious benefits, my plea for support was turned down. The leadership simply didn’t want to get embroiled in the abortion debate – even from such a arm’s length distance.

Hopefully Hispanics in Idaho will begin demanding greater accountability ,from their leadership in the future.


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