Planned Parenthood Has New President

Planned Parenthood of America – the huge death machine financed in large part by this nation’s taxpayers – has a new president. Cecile Richards was named last week by their Board. Ms. Richards is the daughter of former Democrat Texas governor Ann Richards.

Planned Parenthood’s new president is 48, married and the mother of three children.

Ms. Richards is also a former deputy chief of staff for Congressman Nancy Pelosi – the radical Democrat House Leader from San Francisco.

Upon her selection, Jim Sedlak issued a statement. Mr. Sedlak is Executive Director of Stop Planned Parenthood – a special project of the American Life League. Jim blasted the organization for the selection, and predicted that Ms. Richards’ appointment will mean an even greater focus on political action for the organization.

“The appointment of Cecile Richards as president confirms that the organization’s focus is not on health care, but rather on political advocacy,” Sedlak said. “[Her] entire background is that of political activism, with absolutely no health care experience.”

While Jim was in Boise last month for our annual Christmas Dinner, he pointed out those wishing to understand Planned Parenthood needed to take a close look at their "Vision 2025" – a statement of long-term organizational goals made public in 2000.

“The ten goals enumerated in that document had nothing to do with women’s health care – and everything to do with political activism,” said Sedlak. “The appointment of such a radical political operative to head the organization is a logical compliment to their long term organizational strategy.”

This appointment raises the political stakes and the highly questionable practice of Congressional funding for this radical political organization. We expect Planned Parenthood of Idaho affiliate to resume their panhandling at the Legislature.

How many Republican legislators will support their demands?


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