SD Panel Makes More Recommendations

We reported a few days ago the tremendous progress being made in South Dakota in battling the scourge of abortion. Last year legislators there passed 5 separate bills restricting abortion. They also appointed a task force to make recommendations on other strategies that might be used to save preborn children even as we continue to labor under the oppression of Roe v. Wade.

That report has just been made public, and I’d like to review their recommendations. There may be ideas there we might be able to use to save Idaho babies.

In an introduction to their 17-page report, panelists declared that a human being comes into existence at the moment of conception; and that abortion terminates the life of a “unique, whole living human being”. They also found that the decision to undergo an abortion is rarely, if ever, voluntary or informed because women do not receive information about the procedure and are being pressured to commit abortion.

Those are very provocative and insightful statements. Given the fact that abortion fans have consistently shrouded evil in the cloak of “choice” – it is more than interesting to pause for a minute to carefully consider the rhetoric. How free and voluntary is the choice to abort? Don’t we know from our own life experiences that a woman would not make such a decision unless under duress? After all, it is such an abnormal thing for a woman to destroy her own baby; God simply did not make us that way. Fear, a mistaken belief that one has only a single choice or pressure from others – these are the kinds of dynamics which lead to the destruction of the innocents.

Our job is to find ways to reach out.


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