Reaping the Natural Consequences

Some predict that God will judge this nation for the millions of innocents slaughtered under judicial blessing. I believe that judgment has already begun – if we but have the eyes to see.

In recent commentaries I have talked about the Philippines, where fear grows that restrictions on the number of children will eventually produce the kind of social havoc beginning in China. That nation is witnessing the fruits of man’s foolishness: a social crisis is building because there are now not enough brides for the blossoming manhood of that communist nation.

Much the same is happening in India – another nation under the spell of Planned Parenthood’s anti-person religion. A recent article in the English paper, The Independent, estimates that some 10 million Indian girls have been killed by abortion over the past two decades by families determined to ensure a male heir. Population studies have found that the number of girls has been falling steadily for the past 20 years, relative to the number of boys.

Daughters are considered a liability in India because of the customs of dowry and because the girl becomes a kind of property of the groom’s family.

Isn’t it more than ironic that the feminist movement is cooperating with such customs to produce the ultimate gender discrimination?

And in this nation, the effects of legalized abortion are becoming clear – at least if you want to see the evidence. The Washington Times reports that America is rapidly aging. In the next 25 years, America will look more like Florida than a nation of vigorous producers. A demographic tsunami, if you will.

And who will be left to support the elderly? And even if the survivors of the abortion age are willing to support us – for how long? How long will it be before they start to search for ways to lighten the burden?


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