Filipino People Need Our Prayers

There is an urgent matter which requires some of your prayer time. The people of the Philippines, for whom precious American blood was spilled, are in need of your support. Today they are not under assault by the Japanese – but a modern form of fascism.

Planned Parenthood International and other proponents of population control are seeking to impose by force a new set of policy goals on Filipino families that would restrict families to just two children. Just before Christmas, legislation was introduced in the Philippine legislature which would, if passed, impose a two-child limit on families. A final vote is expected next Monday, the 16th.

The bill is called the “Responsible Parenting and Population Control Act of 2005”. Among its more outrageous components are provisions which would send doctors to prison for refusing to perform sterilizations. That is quite a serious issue for a heavily Catholic population. In fact, the whole thrust of this legislative initiative is in conflict with the values of some 87% of the nation.

Eileen Cosby, Executive Director of the Filipino Family Trust, is among those outraged: “Where did this come from? These are [liberal], western ideas, not Filipino. They don’t protect …Filipino women. In fact, they pave the way for kind of human rights abuses already in China….It is social engineering from the outside being imposed on the Philippine people.”

Other parts of the law require mandatory sex education for all children as young as 10, preference in education for 2-children families, and free access to abortion-causing drugs.

Obviously we cannot directly impact this situation – but we can go to the God who can intervene. And we have a special responsibility to do so: Odds are high that some measure of our tax dollars are somehow involved in this tragic scheme.


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