Is Liberalism a Mental Disorder?

I was listening the other day to Michael Savage. While he is often right – I can usually listen for only a few short bursts. Anyway, he made reference to his now-famous line, “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder”. Let’s face it: its punchy, memorable and has the ring of truth.

But I take his comment more seriously than others might. I have spent a great deal of time pondering my own recovery from liberalism – trying to figure out how I thought the solutions I once fought for made any sense, even to me. For the most part, I can’t honestly tell you. But I remember that I was certain I was right. Right about abortion, homosexual rights, Planned Parenthood, redistribution of income, whatever. Praise God, that is more than a decade behind me.

What interests me now about Michael Savage’s pithy indictment is the measure of truth behind it. It is clear that the policy solutions offered by modern liberalism suffer from a kind of irrationalism which defies explanation.

Take the borders. Liberals are fighting tooth-and-nail to maintain open borders in the name of race – despite the fact that we are in a life-and-death struggle with a global terror movement. There is a self-destructive quality to this commitment to illegal immigration which must be defined as a form of insanity.

Or look at the fanatical commitment to “family planning”. We will no doubt have another round of public debate this session as Planned Parenthood seeks more of your money to “solve” the problems of unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancy and so forth. One would almost think that these were brand new suggestions given the way legislators respond to their pleas. Yet these so-called solutions have been tried for decades now. The results are clear: greater teenage promiscuity at lower and lower ages. Greater rates of sexually transmitted disease among our children. The loss of one-third of a generation to abortion. Millions of post-abortive women carrying destructive burdens of guilt and remorse. Yet don’t confuse liberals with the facts.

While liberalism may or may not be a “mental disorder” – it is at least a profound learning disability.


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