What Kind of Session Will We Have?

Today is the opening day of the Idaho Legislature. What kind of session will it be for the families of Idaho? Will the overwhelmingly Republican lawmakers see fit to protect the sanctity of human life and the institution of marriage? It will take months to determine the answer to those and other questions – but the future is not so much in the hands of 105 lawmakers as it is in yours.

There are genuine Republicans in the Idaho Legislature. By that I mean folks who are Republicans because of the principles laid out in the GOP Platform. But there is a crucial segment who are there simply because they like the prestige, the power, the little ego boosts a title adds to their lives. They run as Republicans because that is what is required to get elected.

Those are the folks most likely to be affected by constituent mail, phone messages and emails.

Do you think that teenage girls ought to get their parents involved in the decision to abort her baby? That seems a no-brainer to me. Not only is the life of the baby at stake – but the life and soul of the girl. The data is overwhelming: girls with an abortion experience are at serious risk. But to get Idaho’s Parental Consent Law back into effect, we will need your active help. An amendment must be enacted by the Legislature in order to overcome the rulings of federal judge Lynn Winmill.

And do you believe that a woman has the right to know about the risks of abortion before she proceeds? Do you think she has a right to know what options are available to her? Again, that seems inarguable to me. How can a person make responsible, intelligent choices without having basic information? Again, Idaho’s laws are currently a mess. We will need your help to get the Legislature engaged in finding solutions.

But for today, what we need most is your prayer support. May the Lord bring this Legislature to a place of righteousness. And may He bless our efforts to defend His little ones.


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