South Dakota Legislators Model What It Means to be “Pro-Life”

As we quickly approach another session of the Idaho Legislature, it is well to look at the possibilities available to state legislators as they spend months spending your money.

South Dakota, along with Mississippi, has led the nation in containing the scourge of abortion. Even as the nation continues to endure the oppression of legalized feticide – pro-Life legislators in these states have been aggressive in limiting the number of abortions performed on preborn citizens.

Both states have just one abortion provider. In South Dakota, that is run by Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls. But the cultural and political climate in South Dakota is so pro-Life that no doctor in the state will perform abortions; Planned Parenthood must fly in an abortionist from Minneapolis once a week.

And just a year ago, the South Dakota legislature passed 5 separate pro-Life measures. One is a strong “Right to Know” law – which requires the abortionist to tell women at least two hours before an abortion that the so-called “procedure” will “end the life of a whole, separate, unique living human being”. Women and girls must also be informed of the health risks they may endure if they go through with the abortion.

Not content with the progress they have made – legislators in South Dakota created a 17 member task force to recommend additional measures which the Legislature might pursue to help women and reduce abortions. That report is due soon, and will likely result in further protections for preborn children.

I review these matters in order to provide you with a healthier perspective by which to judge the work of our Legislature – particularly because of its Republican domination.

Will they deliver this session on the pro-Life promises of the Republican Platform? We’ll see. But you can safely put money on the proposition that they will deliver only if they know you are paying close attention.


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