Dangers of RU-486

I mentioned the other day that Congress will hold hearings on RU-486. I’d like to get into the major developments which are driving this belated investigation into Bill Clinton’s deadly deal with Planned Parenthood.

First there was the article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, raising serious questions about the health risks associated with the Abortion Pill – or RU-486. This was followed by an article in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

The article is written by Drs. Margaret Gary and Donna Harrison. They went through the databases at the Food & Drug Administration and discovered that over the past four years, there have been 607 “adverse events” reported to the FDA by women using RU-486. Some involve outright fatalities.

The authors of the study have called upon the FDA to research the allergic and fatal septic reactions being reported. They are also urging that strict rules be in place to require ultrasounds to be used by outfits like Planned Parenthood before women and girls are given the drugs. This is the only way to make sure that the baby is not too old for a chemical abortion; and to make sure that the baby is not lodged in the fallopian tube. These kind of chemical abortions could prove fatal to the mother.

At least five women have been confirmed killed by using RU-486 in the United States and Canada since Bill Clinton cut his dark deal with Planned Parenthood. In the waning days of this administration, Clinton forced the FDA to legalize the drug; in turn, Planned Parenthood spent millions trying to ensure Al Gore’s election.

It is clear babies and women are paying the price for Democrat ambition and Planned Parenthood’s greed. Congress and the Bush Administration should long ago have acted against this tragic expansion of the abortion industry.


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