Battle for Emancipation From 9th Circuit Suffers Set-Back

The families of Idaho, Washington and Oregon suffered a set-back before the Christmas holidays through the powerful and effective antics of the California delegation. The drive to free the people of Idaho from the oppressive regime of the 9th Circuit is now stalled.

House Republicans like Idaho’s Mike Simpson and Wisconsin’s James Sensenbrenner had succeeded in getting the emancipation language into the House version of the deficit reduction bill. That seemed a great strategy for breaking the logjam on this issue. But once again, Senator Diane Feinstein, the socialistic Democrat from California, intimidated Senate Republicans into backing down. Rather than battle a threatened Democrat filibuster of the budget bill, Senate Republicans demanded that the House drop the whole 9th Circuit issue.

This was the second time the House Republican majority has passed legislation to break-up the 9th Circuit, and the second time the Senate has refused to vote on the issue.

Clearly, Senator Feinstein holds an immense power in the U.S. Senate – though in the minority – and continues to have a great impact on the lives of Idahoans through the leftist 9th Circuit. After the latest victory, Feinstein issued a statement to her constituents back in California crowing about her success: The defeat of the House strategy, she said, is “a victory for judicial independence, for the legislative process and for the western states that comprise the 9th Circuit”.

I can well understand Feinstein bragging about her victory. Through her, the social and economic environment of the whole west is being corrupted by the politics of California. The Left moves its agenda through a judicial system that now threatens our ability to enjoy self-government.

Hopefully Congressman Simpson and Company will not give up.


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