The Good Guys Finally Win One in Congress

We have received a quiet blessing from the U.S. Congress this past week, one which deserved a great deal more attention from the dominant media than its received thus far.

The Senate finally passed HR 2520, the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act on Friday. This is final legislative action, so it will be soon be signed by the President.

This landmark legislation provides for a national cord-blood registry. It should greatly enhance the collection of stem cells for research and new treatment options for a number of serious diseases now plaguing mankind. We already know that stem cells harvested from cord blood have proven effective in treating some diseases; and stem cells from this source present absolutely no ethical dilemma. No human lives must be snuffed out in order to harvest the cells.

In fact, hospitals now just throw this rich treatment source in the garbage – by the millions. Official recognition by the U.S. Congress that these umbilical cords are a huge health resource may help re-orient the medical establishment. Perhaps attention will now be focused on this source of stem cells, rather than the obsessive drive to clone and kill tiny human beings for their stem cells.

Perhaps it was the Spirit of Christmas which helped create the strange phenomenon – but I received press releases from both Democrats for Life and Concerned Women of America on the same day, both heralding the passage of this common sense legislation.

This moment of celebration was one that almost didn’t happen. Abortion zealots in the U.S. Senate had been holding the bill hostage for many months, trying to leverage a place in the bill for embryonic stem cell research. Fortunately, the good guys won one.


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