Feminist Leadership Stirs Up the Base Around Alito

Even as most of us are busy getting ready for the great Christmas feast and celebration of Jesus’ birth – the enemies of life are working overtime getting ready for the confirmation hearings of Judge Alito next month.

People like Gloria Feldt are stirring up the troops, telling people that the sky is falling.

This Planned Parenthood guru issued a lengthy email alert to feminists across the nation last week, arguing that the parental notice case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court “takes aim at the heart of Roe”. She actually claims in this email that if the Supreme Court upholds the New Hampshire statute – “it would require women …to die….”

Thus, by some unexplained reasoning, Feldt is warning women across the nation that Alito might be the deciding vote in the New Hampshire case; if the Abortion Lobby loses the case, it would amount to a “back door” overturning of Roe v. Wade.

While there are important issues at stake in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood – this clarion call is just patent nonsense.

Legalized abortion would, unfortunately, be very much in place if the Supreme Court upholds the New Hampshire parental notice law. However, what we will see is the smallest degree of sanity returned to America’s judicial system.

There are two key issues at stake in the New Hampshire case. Both are critical to the ability of states to provide for meaningful restrictions on abortion. One is the so-called “health” exception. This albatross around the Legislatures in the various states has the Alice-in-Wonderland effect of negating just about any abortion restriction.

The other deals with the ability of the Abortion Lobby to file lawsuits against laws, like Idaho’s Parental Consent statute, before they even go into effect. For years, these people have gotten away with murder by being able to go into federal court on fabricated grounds: “Such and such a law might, conceivably, one day lead to some possible harm of some particular person”. And on that basis alone, Planned Parenthood & Company has been unbelievably successful at blocking statutes – without ever being required to demonstrate concrete facts. (As an aside, this is exactly what has happened in Idaho’s Parental Consent lawsuit).

If the Supreme Court were finally to put an end to such nonsense, it would represent some real progress and hope for the pro-Life movement. But that is a long way from ending the awful legalized slaughter of millions each year.


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