Annual Planned Parenthood Death Toll Over 1 Million

Finding a hard number of abortions performed in America is a difficult task; in fact, the best we can really do is develop estimates of the number of lives snuffed out in their dawning.

Recent data from Stop Planned Parenthood International provides a great example of the difficulty. The official death toll reported by Planned Parenthood for their clinics across the country in 2004 is 255,015. But that figure includes surgical abortions and only some chemical abortions from RU-486.

There is a tremendous problem in calculating the loss of life caused by some so-called “contraceptives”. Stop Planned Parenthood, a project of the American Life League, reports that the manufacturers of various drugs and barriers to prevent pregnancy acknowledge that some of their products prevent the implantation of a new life in the mother’s womb. But apparently there are no exact numbers on the rate at which certain “contraceptives” prevent a new life from finding sustenance and nurturance; Some estimate that a woman using oral contraceptives or an IUD regularly will experience such an aborted pregnancy at least once every two years.

Using this conservative estimate, we should add another 769,931 destroyed lives as a result of Planned Parenthood’s activities. But that still doesn’t give us a final number.

We must also calculate some number of aborted lives as a result of Planned Parenthood’s obsessive marketing of the “Morning After Pill”. Again, this drug works some of the time by killing a fertilized egg. Using a conservative estimate – that this happens 10% of the time – we must add another 98,353 babies to Planned Parenthood’s charge in 2004 alone.

That brings us to a grand total of 1.12 million lives ended by Planned Parenthood in 2004.

Despite such massive carnage, American taxpayers remain the largest stockholders in this death machine.


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