Democrat Pollster Urges Recast of Morals Debate

Pro-abortion politicians – primarily Democrats – are receiving some fascinating advice from a former friend of mine. Celinda Lake is a smart strategist and respected pollster out of Washington, D.C. She has issued a memo to pro-abort candidates suggesting that they adopt a more cunning strategy in the fast-approach 2006 elections.

Most pollsters are finding that the tide in America has turned toward a pro-Life perspective. And the election results of 2004 demonstrate that being pro-Life gave candidates an important edge.

So, Celinda, smart as she is – is urging candidates to reframe the debate. Let’s not get caught talking about the morality of abortion, she says. Instead, let’s introduce a different moral equation: access to health care. Lake bases her advice on a poll she conducted last month of women voters who think of themselves as “Independent”.

Lake found that 86% of women answering her survey agreed with the statement, “It is morally wrong that some children in America do not have access to affordable health care.”

So expect Democrats and liberal Republicans next year to try and co-opt moral lingo in defense of liberal ends. Rather than talk about actual moral questions, like the sexual victimization of our children, liberals will attempt to focus discussion on the death penalty. And instead of talking about the genuine family values like parental consent for teenage abortions – liberals will cast health care costs as a moral issue.

Inherent in Ms. Lake’s political advice to liberal candidates is the unspoken: Don’t talk about your radical agenda on abortion. In a way, this is a sign of victory. But if we let pro-abort candidates get away with this deception – women and babies will pay the price.


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