Schiavo Exploits Terri’s Death With PAC

You might think the controversy around Terri Schiavo has quietly faded into the past. Think again. As predicted, the killing of Terri was a significant rite of passage in the culture’s embrace of death. There have been some important developments in the past couple weeks, as the Left seeks to take advantage of Terri’s death.

The ACLU – that zealous band of death advocates – has decided to give an award to the Florida judge who presided over Terri’s miserable death. LifeNews reports that Judge George Greer will receive the “Gardner W. Beckett, Jr. Civil Liberties Award” at an upcoming dinner. I don’t know who this Beckett is – but I’m sure the ACLU thinks he’s a big deal. But what is really a big deal is the fact that a sitting judge would accept anything beyond a legal brief from the moral anarchists at the ACLU.

To be fair, I guess Judge Greer is due his moment of glory for the yeoman’s job he did in carrying the ACLU’s water for so many years.

And then there are the creepy developments surrounding Michael Schiavo, the erstwhile husband who so patiently sought Terri’s death. We’ve learned that Mr. Schiavo has established a political action committee named, if you can believe it, “Terri’s PAC”. It is difficult to find words appropriate to this turn. Ken Conner, former head of the Family Research Council, called it “classic opportunism”. That may be so – but it feels more like trampling Terri’s ashes underfoot.

Now Michael will take his act on the road, trying to help elect pro-death legislators in Florida and elsewhere. No doubt he will draw a nice salary for his trouble.

Hopefully he will meet a public end similar to that of Cindy Sheehan, a similarly exploitative personality.


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