Promoter of MAP Confesses

We noted at the end of yesterday’s broadcast that Planned Parenthood sold some 1 million “emergency contraction” kits, mostly to children, last year alone. They sell them here in Idaho. And they spent a bunch of political capital in the last legislative session trying to convince Idaho legislators that taxpayers should increase their subsidies of this scheme. Many in the Senate – like Dick Compton of Coeur d’Alene – bought the goods hook-line-and-sinker.

Compton was especially moved by claims of the Abortion Industry that making the so-called “Morning After Pill” widely available would solve many social problems. The teenage pregnancy rate would decline, they said. And so would the abortion rate. It was so marvelous that all this could be accomplished by increasing the public subsidy of Planned Parenthood.

I stood in front of Compton’s committee and explained that Planned Parenthood’s presentation of reality was a complete snow-job. He wouldn’t listen. But perhaps Compton will take note of an admission by a national promoter of the “Morning After Pill” that these claims by the industry are just fabrications.

Kirsten Moore, President of Reproductive Health Technologies Project, admitted before a gathering of the National Press Club that the real world experience of the Morning After Pill does not match the hype. “Experts had estimated that we would see a drop by up to half in the rates of unintended pregnancy and the rates of abortion. And in fact, in the real world, we’re not seeing that,” Ms. Moore confessed.

While I appreciate her honesty – she understates the problem by a large degree. Not only are policy makers being sold a lie – she fails to take responsibility for the fact that the Morning After Pill often causes abortion. And then there is the mounting evidence that easy access to the drugs drive up STDs.

All in all, the only clear beneficiary to the “Morning After Pill” marketing scam is Planned Parenthood.

But such admissions should not give us any real comfort or belief that Planned Parenthood will back off its drive for more of your money. They promised they would be back next session to gain the $15 million – and I believe them.


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