Sexualizing Children Key to Planned Parenthood’s Business Plan

Yesterday we talked about the strategy of Planned Parenthood to build income and influence in our culture – through our children. For the past week or so, they have been running newspaper ads seeking children between the ages of 9-12 to participate in a series of “sex ed” classes.

We were privileged to have Jim Sedlak in Idaho this past weekend. He is Executive Director of Stop Planned Parenthood International. He addressed a packed house on Friday night at the annual ICL Christmas Dinner. The focus of his remarks were, of course, Planned Parenthood. And it is quite clear that what is happening is Boise is a time-tested marketing strategy by Planned Parenthood to build political and economic power on the backs of our kids.

The key marketing demographic for the Abortion Industry is young people – say between the ages of 12-25. Single, young girls are their “speciality”. And sex ed is the cornerstone of the whole program. When you can sexualize children – you build the base of your pyramid scheme. They become committed customers of Planned Parenthood’s many services – birth control, treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases, and abortion.

And the business strategy is working. Mr. Sedlak reported that Planned Parenthood made some $35 million last year – that is profit, which is pretty strange for a supposedly “non-profit” organization. By encouraging young people to believe it is their right and even duty to become sexually active at the earliest opportunity – Planned Parenthood is able to generate big demand for emergency contraception. It provided nearly 1 million doses of this killer drug in 2004 alone. And many were charged off to U.S. taxpayers.


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