What Will Our Answer Be?

Planned Parenthood of Idaho – your friendly local abortionist – is running ads in the Idaho Statesman touting their new “Sex Education Classes” for girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 12. They’ll happily teach your child “All About Puberty”. Or, you can enroll them in classes entitled, “Sex & Responsibility”. Classes are available on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. You can also send your kids into these folks on Saturdays, where they will graciously provide lunch.

It is not clear from the ad whether they require parents to join the children or not.

Don’t misunderstand – this is not a promotional ad for Planned Parenthood of Idaho, which has now entered into direct abortion services at their luxurious new Boise facility. In fact, I think this is a dangerous turn of events.

I bring this information to you so you can better appreciate the gravity of a new and more aggressive Planned Parenthood effort to pervert our children and advance their agenda for Idaho.

While we recognize Planned Parenthood as a dangerous organization - there is no doubt that some adults out there will find this offering attractive. What will our answer be? Or perhaps I should start with the question, “Will we have an answer?” Or will we simply shake our heads, perhaps offer a prayer for those children who fall prey to their propaganda?

I’m looking at a recent news article about the strong linkage between premature sexual activity and depression. The research, printed in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, indicates that premature sexual experimentation puts boys at risk for drug abuse; for girls, easy and early sex often leads to depression and low self-esteem. Will Planned Parenthood inform their new victims of this?

You may be sure not.

So again, what will our answer be? Prayer for those young victims ensnared by Planned Parenthood at such an early age is one strategy. You may also consider making a donation to this ministry – as we prepare to engage Planned Parenthood in the next legislative session. Our homepage makes this most convenient.

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