The Tragedy of Imperfect Children

Chuck Colson issued a clarion call to the pro-Life community in a recent column. The developments in science and medicine are without doubt a great blessing – in general. But the ethics and philosophy of eugenics are deeply embedded in modern medicine; sometimes that perverse world view drives science to pursue immoral ends.

A great case in point is the continuing development of new tests to detect Downs Syndrome in preborn children. Colson tells of a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine heralding a new test which can be used much earlier in the pregnancy. One researcher proclaims that doctors should begin offering the test to all their pregnant patients in the first trimester.

Colson asks the key question: “Why would we do that?”

At least one liberal paper’s editors provide the obvious answer: “Screening women before the second trimester allows those who might opt to terminate a pregnancy to make that decision when abortion is easier and less traumatic.” But less traumatic for whom?

The truth is, about 90% of those who learn their baby has Down’s Syndrome already decide to commit abortion against them. More and easier testing can only increase those numbers.

Without doubt, some listening to me believe that killing babies with Down’s Syndrome and other disabilities is a “compassionate” thing to do. But again – for whom? Obviously not for the baby whose life on earth has been destroyed – and who cannot fulfill the Lord’s purpose for them. And even in the case of parents who choose abortion, one must wonder about the profound and permanent loss to their lives.

But society is also weakened by this “purging” of the imperfect among us.

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