NYC is America’s Abortion Capitol

There is a mind-boggling story about the practice of abortion in New York City, carried by LifeNews.Com. It reveals the Big Apple as the Big Death. The carnage in America’s premier city is truly staggering.

The state as a whole has the highest abortion rate in the nation – some 164,000 each year, about 1/3 the population of the whole state of Wyoming. But it is the city which proudly serves as America’s Abortion Capitol.

The ratio of abortions to live births in some parts of New York City are one-to-one. There are reportedly 34 abortion businesses in New York City proper that performed more than 400 abortions each per year. There are more abortions performed on teenage girls, more repeat abortions and more abortions performed after 21 weeks’ gestation than anywhere else in the nation.

The state Medicaid system pays for about 1/3 of abortions with taxpayer funds. There are no restrictions like Parental Consent or waiting periods. Pro-Life groups admit that there appears little prospect for curtailing the blood shed anytime in the foreseeable future.

Both parties in New York are essentially pro-abortion – including leading Republicans like Governor George Pataki and former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani. The tradition of support for abortion has deep roots in New York – and it was a Republican Governor, Nelson Rockefeller, who pushed for legalized abortion three years before the Supreme Court handed down its edict in Roe.

Blood began flowing quickly: In the three years between Rockefeller’s action and the Supreme Court edict of 1973, it is estimated that some 350,000 women traveled from across the country to kill their babies in the Empire State.

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