Joel Brind Takes Faulty ABC Researchers to Task

Remember that story from last week – about the supposed research proving a linkage between abortion and decreased crime rates? Well, truth to tell, it is not the only fabricated abortion research making the rounds.

One of the greatest and most tragic scams can be found in the area of abortion and breast cancer. Many supposedly respectable researchers and institutions have spent years working hard to reassure American women that the rising rates of breast cancer are a great mystery, and have nothing to do with legalized abortion.

But the indomitable Dr. Joel Brind, president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute and professor of epidemiology at City University of New York, has just published a paper which tears to shreds ten recent “studies” purporting to show that breast cancer is related to just about anything other than abortion.

Brind digs into the methodology and small print of the research findings to ferret out the biases and manipulations used to support their politicized conclusions. For example, one big-name study only included 138 women. Another misclassified 90% of the women in its study, claiming they had no abortion history – when in fact they had. Even the authors admitted that their data on abortion history was “substantially incomplete”.

Come again? Medical researchers publish a study denying the link between abortion and breast cancer – and yet fail to accurately record the abortion history of the women they’re “studying”? And that was at Oxford University. Unbelievable.

What such intentional malpractice demonstrates is the strength of need to prove abortion “safe” for women. That is a political and moral agenda which supersedes the moral duty to tell the truth.

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