Planned Parenthood Targets Wal-Mart

Imagine yourself to be the parents of Alycia Brown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. They followed the advice of Planned Parenthood religiously. After learning that their 14-year old daughter was “sexually active”, they procured birth control for her. That was the enlightened thing to do, the “tolerant” and accepting answer to a girl run amok.

Now their daughter is dead.

It turns out that the popular hormonal patch – promoted on television by Planned Parenthood and the Sex Industry as a great boon to women and girls – produced blood clots in the girl’s pelvis. And it turns out that the FDA, virtually owned by Planned Parenthood zealots, has admitted that this little girl is not alone. There are 17 confirmed deaths directly related to this dangerous manipulation of female hormones.

It is in that context that we should applaud Wal-Mart. This is one corporation taking a stand against the sexualizing of our children – and Planned Parenthood intends to make them pay a heavy price. The company refused to carry the “Emergency Contraception” pill – which sometimes acts as an abortion pill – and Planned Parenthood has begun organizing pickets, claiming that Wal-Mart was somehow “anti-woman”. But given the obvious danger of these products Wal-Mart should be commended for taking a stand.

The pickets have already taken place in Massachusetts. But in truth Planned Parenthood’s actions are part of a larger strategy by the Left to demonize Wal-Mart. During the Massachusetts pickets, supposedly about the “Morning After” Pill, Planned Parenthood welcomed speakers from the Labor Movement, who have long dreamed of unionizing Wal-Mart employees.

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