Supreme Court Hearing Today

The U.S. Supreme Court will hold oral arguments in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood today. This case involves a New Hampshire parental notification statute – and the demand by Planned Parenthood and its cohorts in the Abortion Industry that there be a “health” exception to the law.

I’m going to pause here – because we toss these legalisms around too often. What the Abortion Industry is arguing is that parents should not be notified in cases where the girl’s “health” might be threatened. And who decides? The abortionist making the dough. And what constitutes “health”? Anything: Economics, emotional angst, or even life-threatening conditions. And in those serious cases – don’t we want parents to be informed that their daughter is in serious trouble?

But of course – such language and laws are not in the least related to a girl’s actual health. They are the elephant holes through which all abortion restrictions can be undermined.

That is the issue before the Court. It is the first abortion case taken by the Court since its disastrous ruling in the Partial Birth Abortion case of 2000. And as of today – Sandra Day O’Connor, patron saint of “undue burden” and “exceptions” is still on the Court. If she is able to vote, it is unlikely that the families of America will prevail. However – if Samuel Alito is confirmed before the actual vote is taken, then Chief Justice John Roberts could order a new hearing for his benefit. Alito could also vote on the basis of tapes and briefs.

Meanwhile, LifeNews.Com reports that a new poll in New Hampshire, conducted by Research 2000, finds a plurality of state residents support the parental notification law. Perhaps that will make some small difference to the legal high priests who have done so much to undermine self-rule in this nation.

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