Abortion Leads to ‘Gendercide’

Ever notice the strange, disturbing turns feminism has taken in the past decade or so? I’ve commented repeatedly on the tragic abandonment of young girls. Once a girl reaches the age of about 13 or 14 – she is pretty much on her own. Sexual activity, according to Planned Parenthood, is to be encouraged, nurtured. Consequences like babies or STDs are to be disposed of discreetly.

Once, feminists argued that it was wrong to treat women as mere sexual objects. As human beings, they were entitled to respect and dignity. This is, in fact, a Biblical truth. However, the new and improved version of feminism teaches girls to become the equals of males by practicing an ethic of sexual predation. Women will become equal to men by practicing the same kind of sexual license that men have often been guilty of in modern times.

Another fruit of the abortion/feminism culture is the actual destruction of women as babies.

A recent report by a United Nations researcher, Theodore Winkler, claims that abortion has resulted in the birth of some 200 million fewer females worldwide than there should be – if the natural order had not been interfered with. He is quoted as saying that, “We are confronted with the slaughter of Eve, a systematic gendercide of tragic proportions.”

Among the fruits of this growing gender imbalance – particularly in nations like India and China – is the growing industry of sex trafficking. Women and girls are kidnapped so they can be sold on the black market in many parts of the world.

So one wonders – when will the supposedly “pro-woman” feminist crowd wake up and smell the coffee? And if the leadership of this misguided movement simply cannot overcome their ideological imbalance, we must work harder to educate American women about the growing and deadly dangers of the modern feminist movement.

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