Catholic Bishops Continue to “Study” Integrity Crisis

A “task force” of Catholic bishops has been working on the growing problem of pro-abort politicians who claim to be Catholic. The integrity crisis within the Church hit a real crisis during last year’s presidential campaign, in which John Kerry ran as a “good Catholic” while espousing abortion-on-demand. He was the first Catholic presidential candidate since Kennedy – but the first Catholic candidate to lose the Catholic vote because of his politics.

Nevertheless, church officials have been reluctant to impose any kind of discipline of politicians claiming the Catholic mantle. The American life League has taken out full page ads on several occasions calling on American bishops to enforce Church teaching on abortion, by denying pro-abort public officials from receiving holy communion.

The task force was formed last year and continues to fool around with finding a “solution” to this grave problem. Recently this group, led by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., met with officials of the Republican and Democratic parties.

While many are skeptical, it is possible that the new Pope Benedict XVI, will push the matter. As a Cardinal, he issued a letter to American bishops urging that pro-abort Catholic politicians who persisted in denying Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human life “must” be denied communion. In response to that letter, issued last year, Cardinal McCarrick led bishops into producing a statement which said that such politicians were cooperating with evil. But they would not discipline politicians like Kerry. Instead, they claimed the issue needed more study.

The next bishops’ meeting is scheduled for next June. There is an expectation that some kind of new document on abortion will be presented by the McCarrick task force.

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