Catholic Church in Canada Retreats in Face of Abortion Threats

There was a quite a crisis for the Canadian pro-Life movement last week, as volunteers and activists prepared to attend a national convention in Montreal. Just a day before the event was scheduled to begin – priests at St. Joseph’s Oratory, the Canadian national shrine, announced that they would not let the event take place at their church. The priests had been receiving threats from pro-abortion and pro-homosexual activists.

Numerous attempts to gain a reversal of the last-minute surrender met with stubbornness from the rector, Father Jean-Pierre Aumont.

While news reports are vague about the exact nature of the threats being made – one news source quotes the Montreal police as saying that the Police Department did not advise St. Joseph’s to cancel the meeting – and that they were confident police could provide adequate protection.

Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition Canada, told LifeSiteNews that “This decision to cancel the contract at this last minute is a great capitulation by the Catholic Church in the face of opposition to its pro-Life, pro-family teachings.”

Even as delegates traveled across the country, organizers scrambled for a location. Fortunately, the good people at La Bible Parle – a French speaking evangelical church, came forward. Senior Pastor Jeff Laurin, told the media that he had hired security and made arrangements with Montreal Police to protect pro-Lifers.

We’ve been unable to find any reports of vandalism or harm to any pro-Lifers attending. The only damage so far is to the integrity of the Catholic Church.

IN CLOSING today, let me pray the Lord’s blessing on you and your family as we gather tomorrow to thank Him for His mighty goodness.

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