Planned Parenthood Works the Church

Planned Parenthood has launched an outreach campaign to pastors and church leaders in key Bible Belt states this past month. We’ve seen stories about campaigns underway in Kentucky and Tennessee. Apparently this is part of a larger effort to legitimize the organization and its message of sex education in various Christian communities.

In Tennessee, thousands of letters were sent offering to bring Planned Parenthood staffers into the congregations to help educate folks about sex.

And in Kentucky, Planned Parenthood is bringing its national “chaplain” to Lexington, hoping to meet with area clergy about the mission and history of America’s largest abortion chain. Their “chaplain” is a guy named Ignacio Castuera – apparently an ordained United Methodist minister from the Watts section of Los Angeles.

His position on abortion? “It is always a tragedy – but I don’t think it’s a sin.”

Apparently, Minister Castuera is having trouble. One pastor, Bill Henard of Porter Memorial Baptist Church, is quoted as saying that Planned Parenthood’s message is “hypocrisy … for them to say that they’re not anti-Christian when they oppose basic Christian values of the family.”

When asked about the resistance to his visit, Castuera actually had the audacity to compare himself to Jesus: “The closer Jesus got to the cross, the smaller the crowds got. This is pretty close to the cross because people have to take derision, ostracism, all that.”

My goodness – is there no limit to the self-deception and sacrilege? Soon we will see Planned Parenthood begin making money from “holiday cards” which mock Jesus’ birth by joyfully proclaiming “Choice on Earth”.

May the Lord heal these people. And may He protect congregations from any leaders out there who are feeling wobbly about the fundamentals of Christ’s message to us.

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